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Dosetsu Inuyama
Dosetsu Inuyama

First Appearance - Episode Three The Futility Dance

As a boy, he was poisoned by his father's mistress. He survived, but the mistress was forced out of the house along with Dosetsu's halfsister Hamiji. When he grew older, he searched everywehere for his sister but to no avail.

One day while hiding from his pursuers, Dosetsu became reunited with his sister, but their reunion was to be ill-fated. Dosetsu tried to save Hamiji from the evil, Aboshi but instead of saving her, he accidently kills her. Before Hamiji dies, she makes Dosetsu promise to return the Murasame, which was stolen by Aboshi, to Shino. Dosetsu promises her, but all that is on his mind is revenge.

ChuuDosetsu Inuyama is the dog warrior of Loyalty. "Chuu" is his character bead.