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First Appearance - Episode Eight Taigyuro's Hall

When Keno was just a boy, his father was murdered for his possession of two mystical flutes.

In his quest to avenge his father, Keno travels the countryside in the guise of a dancing girl. During one of his travels, Keno runs into Kobungo, whom he notices is carrying one of sacred flutes. When a town skirmish occurs, Keno steals the mystic flute and leaves.

During the skirmish Kobungo saves the town leaders son and is brought to his house and invited to stay for the concert, being performed by Keno, that evening.

At the concert in Taigyuro Hall, Keno begins to play the magical flute thus reuniting the two flutes. Their harmony creates a destructive sound, which almost immediately begins to shatter the hall. In the midst of all this comotion, Keno announces himself to the lord and declares vengeance for his father. A heated battle ensues. In the end only three survive - Keno, Kobungo, and the lord's son.

ChiKeno Inuzaka is the dog warrior of Wisdom. Keno's bead is "Chi".