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Volume 1
Episode 1: The Kaleidoscope
The first episode provides background info and sets the story in motion.

Episode 2: Dark Music of the Gods
After the death of his father Bansaku, Shino Inuzuka sets out to present Lord Ashikaga the Murasame. Thus, the journey begins...

Hakkenden Volume 1 - Dubbed, Subtitled
Episode 3: The Futility Dance
Hamaji after learning that she is to marry the jindai, attempts to kill herself. But her attempt is thwarted by the diabolical Aboshi. Hearing her distress, Dosetsu Inuyama tries to save Hamaji from the evil Aboshi.

Episode 4: Horyu Tower
After presenting a fake Murasame, Lord Ashikaga orders Shino killed. Shino desperately tries to flee but is halted by the feral Genpachi Inukai.

Hakkenden Volume 2 - Dubbed, Subtitled
Volume 2
Volume 3
Episode 5: The Demon's Melody
After their battle on Horyu Tower, Shino and Genpachi wind up in Kobungo Inuta's home. Kobungo's brother-in-law recognizes them and alerts the authorities.

Episode 6:The Cicada Spirit Cry
Sosuke faces death in Otsuka village for murder. Shino, Genpachi, and Kobungo set out to save him.

Order Volume 3 - Dubbed, Subtitled
The Hakkenden Digest
Recaps the previous six episodes. It adds some additional info concerning the plot and the dog warriors' past.

Episode 7: Spirits
Dosetsu seeks out Lord Usugi to avenge his father's death, but is led into a trap.

Order Volume 4 - Dubbed, Subtitled
Volume 4
Volume 5
Episode 8: Taigyuro Hall
In the guise of a dancing girl, Keno Inuzaka seeks to avenge the death of his father.

Episode 9: The Legend of the Ghost Cat
Daikaku Inumura driven to the brink of despair, must muster up strength to confront the evil spirit that has possessed his estranged father.

Order Volume 5 - Dubbed, Subtitled
Episode 10: Hamaji's Resurrection
As Dosetsu, Shino, and Sosuke continue on their journey, Hamaji emerges from the spirit world and appears before them causing the dog warriors' emotions to run wild.

Episode 11: Dog Warrior's in the Netherworld
The dog warriors are finally complete with addition of Shinbei Inue in this episode. Watch as the dog warriors venture forth to aid the Satomi and confront their destiny.

Order Volume 6 - Dubbed, Subtitled
Volume 6
Volume 7
Episode 12: Aspirations of Paradise
The dog warriors come up with a plan that will drive their enemy, Hikita Motofuji, out of his castle. But will it mean victory or doom for the Satomi Clan?

Episode 13: Taking Leave of a Sullied World
In the final battle, Hikita is defeated and the House of Satomi is triumphant, but they pay a heavy price for their victory. Watch as the curse is finally played out.

Order Volume 7 - Dubbed, Subtitled

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