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Site History

Site History

After watching the Hakkenden series in '96-'97, I started looking on the net for more info on this series, but was very disappointed. I only found Hakkenden Hakuryu-Tei, which covers the novel, and a few other sites that gave reviews. So I decided to devote my first website to the Hakkenden series. During July '97, I finished and published this site to the web.

Author of Site

Name: Pat
DOB: 3/17/81
Born: NYC
Programs used in the creation of this site: notepad(pc), photoshop(pc and mac), bbedit(mac), soundedit(mac), soundjam mp(mac), real producer(pc and mac)
Likes: food, sports, motorcycles, sports cars, muscle cars, and women
Dislikes: diarrhea, runny noses, people who pick their nose, and all sorts of other crap

Site History
  • July 26, 1997 - published this site to the WWW

  • August 4, 1997 - named one of the sites of the week by Anipike

  • August 6, 1997 - changed menu bar into mouseover images (v. 1.01)

  • May 1998 - had 5,000 visitors

  • July 26, 1998 - first anniversary, 6500+ visitors (way more than I ever expected)

  • June 1999 - changed title of site to The H-Files , changed mouseover images in menu, restructured sections (v.1.02)

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Site created by p-boy (Patrick Magpayo)